Friday, December 19, 2008


I can't believe that my little man is going to be 4 tomorrow. 4!!! I remember when he was the size of Iris and causing his own kind of "smaller" trouble. And now he is a big boy with lots of 4 year old attitude. Where has the time gone? He amazes me more every day. When I pick the kids up from daycare, it is like, all he can do to wait to get in the car before he starts asking me question after question after question. And, he is truly a boy. This kid loves all things rowdy. He loves his cars and trucks (what seems like a gazillion of them on the floor willing me to step on them and go flying in the air) and he loves to wrestle with his daddy or his papa. He is such a sweetie. Last night before bedtime, he gave me a kiss, and Iris a couple because as soon as he does, she gets her big ole toothy grin, that girl adores her brother! And he keeps giving her kisses to keep making her smile. And then, he woke up coughing and couldn't get back to sleep, even after Jesse put Vick's on his chest, so I went in and laid with him, and he was all cuddly. We both finally fell asleep, then I heard the Thunder Snow and woke up. It is weird hearing thunder in the winter!

Iris gained 3 ounces this last week. Not 7 like the week before, but a gain that I am still happy with, and steady. She had an occupational/physical therapy appointment yesterday. We were supposed to do a swallow study, but I wanted to show her occ. therapist how she was coming with a bottle. She will chew on it, and when formula comes out, she will swallow it without gagging. So, her therapist asked if we should try the cup that we like to use. It has a bigger silicone spout and Iris is teething, so she likes to chew on it. She did AWESOME with it. Maybe took around 1/2 ounce from it total, which, to me, is a lot. She did great.

I feel changes coming, for both of my kids. Lowden is growing into this awesome little man that is so inquisitive, which, I'll admit, sometimes I go crazy trying to figure out how to answer his many, many questions. And Iris is getting easier, and developing the sweetest personality, although she's got a bit of her mommas fiestiness (sp) in her, but I love it.

Christmas is so close. And, I love Christmas, but I am ready for it to be over. Just the hustle and bustle of it wears me out. I am ready for a steady routine again.

I have kind of rambled all over the place on this one. So, until next time...

Anna & The Kings

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