Monday, December 15, 2008

No Bib, No burp rag

As in, we no longer need them, period. I am MORE shocked than any of you. TRUST ME on this.

So I haven't updated in a while. Last week on Wednesday, Iris' visiting nurse called as usual to update me on her stats. She said she literally called me as soon as she walked out of the daycare, she was so excited. Iris had gained 7 oz in 1 WEEK!!!. I was elated, to say the least. She couldn't believe it either.

So, Iris also rarely throws up now. And, if she does, it is like a few drops that just accidentally leak out of her mouth, and sometimes her nose, but even that is seldom now. I have also been experimenting with a bottle and a pacifier. Iris loves the pacifier, but not to suck on. She has tooth #3 coming in, her top right incisor and so she goes to town chewing on the paci. With the bottle, she also likes to chew, but of course, some formula comes out too. And, she doesn't gag on it, she SWALLOWS it! *AMAZING* She will even suck on the bottle a couple of times, and swallow, but when she realizes that it is going to keep coming out, she gets mad at it.

She is going to have a swallow study done here soon. I am hoping it is at our appointment with the occ. therapist on Thursday. We will see. I will call to verify sometime today or tomorrow, just so I know. Anyway, Iris is doing fabulous, and if anything, getting incredibly feisty. Which, of course, I love!

Lowden is going to be 4. I truly cannot believe this! His birthday party is on Saturday, and I have a LOT to get done yet for it. Cleaning to do, oh, the cleaning :( Jesse is scrambling trying to get the walk-in closet completed so he can show it off. I hope he gets it done! Not much left to do in there though. Lowden is obsessed with anything CARS* (the movie), and also cars and trucks, and he likes Transformers*. He is such a boy! I gave him a bit of a haircut yesterday. It was starting to look like a mullet. EW. So, I had to do something about that. It looks cute, and he looks even older now! My little man is growing up!

Yesterday, Lowden, Iris & I went over to visit some of my friends. Their little daughter is 4 days older than Iris. It was a really good time although, driving home afterward in the sleet in rain was NOT so much fun. I can't wait to get together with them after the holidays again, it had been too long!

I promise to update as soon as Iris has her weigh-in on Wednesday again, and also let you know how her occ. therapy appointment goes.


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