Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We haven't disappeared.....

Did you think we did?

I can't believe it is June already! Summer finally seems to be on it's way in and I am ready for it. Although I prefer the low 80's and no humidity, beggars still can't be choosers, the last time I checked.

Things with Iris have been frustrating. I just don't understand it. She will go from being perfectly fine and not throwing up for a while, and then all of a sudden, once again, she can't seem to stop throwing up. It tends to spring up whenever she gets sick though, and especially if she has a cold. Her little tummy just doesn't seem to handle sinus drainage very well. At the end of March, she had a bad cold and a double ear infection. She was on antibiotics for the ear infection twice as it did not take care of it the first time, just when she stopped throwing up AS much from that, her allergies (I think allergies) start bothering her, so she is back to throwing up a ton. BUT, she is growing, if slowly. She had her regular 15 month check up this morning. Her weight was 20 lbs 6 oz and the 10%, her height was a little over 28 inches and the 12% and her head circumference came in at a whopping 70%. But she is following the curve, so they aren't concerned. Plus, her mental development is on track. I just wish she would stop throwing up and start eating. It is still a no-go on that front as well, but she continues to see Occupational Therapy out at the daycare, so we are working on it.

Lowden is good as ever. That kid has endless amounts of energy, it amazes me. He refuses afternoon naps now, and is still raring to go until as late as we will let him......which is usually 8pm or 8:30 at the LATEST! But the kid bounces off the wall at most hours of the day. He is due for a haircut. With this warm weather, it sticks to his neck and I can tell he is hot with it. Papa is wanting to take the buzzer to his head, but that will NOT be happening....whether he thinks it is or not! I would like to cut it before the weekend since I will be in Minnesota visiting Steph...my long lost Ethiopia friend who is now home, but I don't think I will find the time to do it until I get home.

Enjoy the pics!

Until next time...

Anna & The Kings