Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Looking Back

I have been meaning to update everyone for the last week now, but I have been busy and scatter-brained, so now here I am, catching you all up. I hope that everyone had a terrific Christmas and is settling into the New Year and grasping those resolutions. :) *snicker*

I named this blog entry Looking Back, because I have been doing a lot of that lately. Over 2008 that is. It was SUCH an overwhelming year! It was amazing, because Iris came to us, but so scary because of her needing to have open heart surgery. It was also a trying year. After the surgery, as many of you know, we had lots of complications with Iris, and I will be honest and say, my patience were tried most days. Some of those that read this blog have been through what we have with Iris, and understand it was the best year, but it was also one of my hardest years. There is no way to explain the emotions that go through a parent who has to watch their child go through painful surgeries and or just bad experiences, period. I am not sure if I am repeating myself here, probably, but I want to say it again. Many friends have said that we are so strong to have gone through this. But I don't really feel strength has much at all to do with it. Only love. We love our two children more than anything and we would do whatever it takes to make them healthy, and I tell these friends, they would do the same thing if it were under the same circumstances. I won't say it wasn't hard. Man, it was hard, and painful, but who was the one feeling the real pain? And look at her now! She is amazing!

Lowden has been through so much. He not only had to deal with getting a new sister, and having that sibling rivalry, but he has also had to deal with all the extra care that went to his sister and not him...yet, he adores her so much. Just thinking of his tenderness with her makes me want to burst out in tears. I know that not only now, but when they are older, he is going to be the best brother any little girl could ask for (whether it is admitted by them or not:)

So, now when I look forward into 2009, I see a lot of hope for how our family is going to grow. And by that I don't mean more children, Heaven's NO! (internal giggle) I believe the magic number for our family is 4, we are content there! But things are getting a little easier and there is so much comfort for me in that. I have been trying some baby foods with Iris, and she is slowly developing more of a taste for them, and not gagging as much with them. She still gags a little, but she no longer throws up from it. Well, she no longer throws up at all, which is SUCH a blessing. I can't even explain how happy I am about that. Now, if I could just get her to sleep more!

I'm all worded out, so, until next time....


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