Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting there...

Each and every day, Iris seems to come along a little bit more. Her nurse is only going to check her stats and weight every two weeks now, as Iris is gaining steady and doing awesome. She called me a little bit ago to update me on her visit today. She said Iris was a little guarded with her at first, as she thought she was going to give her a shot, but no shots today. Her oxygen saturation was perfect and her weight is fabulous. The little thing bounced up to 18 lbs 5.5 oz. Almost a 1 lb weight gain. AMAZING. It is possible she could make it to 20 lbs by her first birthday, which happens to be next month. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Where has the time gone? I cannot believe she is so close to a year already! She has certainly come along way.

Iris has become incredibly fond of Lowden. And vice versa. It is really cute to watch those two, and Lowden is the only one who can get these terrific belly laughs from Iris, the ones the crack both Jesse and I up when she does it. Lately, I will sit on the floor and have her sit between my legs, and she is constantly reaching for things on the other side of my leg, and when she does, ta-da, she is on her tummy. She used to hate that. But now, she will simply push up with her arms and just sit like that for a bit. I have been having Lowden sit farther away from her, and try to coax her to him. Not working yet, but I think it soon will, and then that boy will definitely be in will I.

So, now I am going to have another birthday party to plan. Iris' birthday falls on a Friday. I am torn between having it that weekend, or if I should wait until the following weekend. I have a feeling that no matter what weekend I decide on, it will snow or rain or cause some kind of drama for me in someway as it did for Lowden's, but, I guess that is what I get for having winter babies. I just truly can't believe she is going to be 1 already!

Along with the 1 year birthday, there are changes to be made. According to safety laws in Iowa, if she does indeed weigh 20 lbs at her 1st birthday, I may choose to face her front in her car seat when driving and also put her in a larger car seat, and not a infant carrier. I will also be experimenting this next month with her formula. She is still on the non-dairy formula and I will switch her to the dairy based formula to see how she handles that. I think she will do fine, as I used a little bit I had sitting around last month when I was running low of the other stuff. She seemed to handle it just fine. If she does fine with the dairy based formula, at 1 year, she will be ready for whole milk. I have also started giving her baby food. She likes her carrots, but not much of anything else, picky girl. I'll keep working on the other veggies though. She is still not fond of food with any sort of texture though, so that is something else we have to work on.

Any way. I am so excited. I am taking on a very part-time job at Curves. Which will afford me to have a free membership so I can start working on those New Year's Resolutions. I am excited, and it will only be a few days a month, so I won't miss out on much time with the kids at all. Work on the closet has ceased for a while. We have been too busy, and it has been soooooooo cold. I am beyond ready for Spring. Bring on the rain and thunderstorms.

Ok, I am worded out for now.

Until Next Time...

Anna & The Kings

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