Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's been a while

It has been too long since I updated. I know. The end of January and first two or three weeks of February brought us illness. And not short ones. It started with Lowden. He caught a cold and then passed it on to Iris, and Iris passed it on to Jesse. Lowden's cold lasted about two weeks but Iris' lasted closer to three, and Jesse's lasted about a week. I somehow, managed to escape far.

The beginning of February was really stressful for me. For, with the onset of the nasty cold Iris inherited from Lowden, her vomiting returned. I must say, it brought on a wave of anxiety for me, that still hasn't completely dissipated. Iris is better, and has quit throwing up for the most part, but her tummy shrunk and so she is not handling large volumes. If I give her too much through the tube, it comes right back out.

So that brings us up to the end of February. Iris turned 1 year old just this last Friday, the 27th. We have come a full year and I can't quite believe she is one already. She is such a little sweet heart, and certainly has all three of us wrapped around her little finger. Just within the last week, she has begun crawling. Some of you may think this is slightly behind, which, it may or may not be. But I think she is entitled to taking her time considering her first year. She only crawls to get what she wants as of now. Not to get from point A to B, but to grab a toy mostly. We had her birthday party yesterday. It went well, and of course, she wasn't at all interested in her cupcake. I put a little frosting on her lips, and she gagged at the mere flavor of it, so I figured I would just let her be. It was a good time, and she took a GREAT nap when we got home.

Lowden woke up sick again this morning. He is complaining about his ears hurting and he has thrown up a few times throughout the day. I am taking him to the doctor tomorrow since we already have an appointment set for Iris' 1 year check up.

I have some pictures to get on the computer from Iris' birthday party, but it probably won't happen tonight. I will try to get some pics on here tomorrow so you can see how big she is getting.

Much Love,

Anna & The Kings

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