Friday, October 24, 2008

Up a bit, down a tad, down a tad more, UP a lot!

We are talking weight here. And no, not mine. As always, Iris is having weight issues. Here is her months weight gain and losses, week by week. Week of Sept 29th, she gained 5.5 oz(13 lb 13.5 oz); week of Oct 6th, lost 3 oz (13 lb 10.5 oz); week of Oct 13th, lost 5 oz (13 lbs 5.5 oz); week of Oct 20th, gained 8 oz, which puts her back at 13 lbs 13.5 oz. This leads to conversations with her visiting nurse. We will call her K. K has to talk to the dietician and see where Iris needs to be sitting at with her daily caloric intake. Obviously, it is not enough, and since Iris' vomiting makes her expel quite a bit, we have to figure out a way to get the calories in her without making her have to take in more ounces. Make sense? So, we have to make her formula thicker. When formula is mixed normally, it is 20 kilocalories per ounce, I believe. But, we have to start mixing Iris' so that it is anywhere from 24-27 kilocalories per ounce, as she needs anywhere from 715-750 calories per day. And, as she is now, she is only taking in approximately 550-600, depending on how much she throws up.

Have I mentioned yet that Iris has been feverish the last two days, and throwing up a little more than usual? I don't know if it is due to her teething or something else. I hope it is the teething though. She has been such a healthy girl, even with all that she has been through.

Anyway, I really need to figure out a way to start making more time to work with her on her eating. I know, more like lack there of, but we need to get somewhere with it. It is hard to find the time to fit everything into the day, especially the work week. I don't even get to pick her and Lowden up from daycare until 5:30 pm and then we drive home and get in the house and unpacked and all that. By then it is 6 pm, and I have to get supper started and Lowden fed....I need time to give them baths and Lowden has to be to bed by 8 pm, sometimes 8:30 if he took a nap at daycare or not. Iris is mad as ever if I am not in the "designated" rocker by 8pm to start feeding her, and she falls asleep chewing on her moose around 8:30. Life is so fast, and I need more time to work with her. And here comes daylight savings. GREAT! *please note the sarcasm:)*
**Oh, one last thing before I publish this. I am planning on pulling a bunch of pictures from her carepage to put on here, so, sorry if you have already seen them.

Much Love,

Anna & The Kings

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