Thursday, October 16, 2008

Scraping my windshield....already

It's as horrible as it sounds. I had to scrape my windshield this morning. I am SOOOOOO not ready for winter. AT ALL! And there are two different Farmer's Almanac descriptions of the winter hanging around out there, so we can't really be sure what to expect. Cold, yes we know that, but lots of precip.? Man, I hope not! I can deal with the snow, but not the rain/ice. It makes me so nervous driving all the way to work in that kind of weather/road conditions. What can I say though, Iowa weather.

I am starting to think about Christmas. Ick, I know. But, with the crappy (carpy for all my online mommy friends. hehe) economy, money is something I cannot be frivolous with. I am making a lot of the gifts this year, so I need to get my butt in gear. I am missing my sewing machine dearly, so I need to get back to it and get some gifts made. I am so excited about it. And no, I am not posting what I am making. Can't give it away!

Can I just say THANK YOU MIRALAX? Not for me (HAHA), but for Iris. It has done wonders with her um...digestion. She is like a new baby and it works like a charm for her...and is non-habit forming. So, yay for that! BUT, she has not gained any weight in 2 weeks, but lost it. Granted, it is not a huge amount, but for her, any loss is not good. So, we have to figure out what to do to make sure she is getting the amount of calories she should be. Anything by mouth is still a big no-no for her. She gags instantly. And I mean INSTANTLY. Just this last weekend, I put a mere TASTE of butterscotch pudding on the end of my fingertip. It no more than touched her tongue, and she gagged. Poor girl....mean mommy. But man alive is she a chatterbox. She went from saying blah blah blah to a kind of dah dah dah. Very cute. And she squeals, man can she squeal. I know, I am just getting paid back for all the screaming I could do back in the day. But I love it.

Lowden is great! Getting so big. He says he wants to be Optimus Prime for Halloween. Now that I can't find a costume anywhere for him...except Ebay, but they all want too much for them. So, I may try to talk him into going as something else. I found a race car driver costume and I think he would like that. He and another boy at daycare are the best and worst of friends. They play together, but then end up fighting. I swear it happens everyday. I always tell him that he should maybe play with other kids. He does for a day, and then is back with his "biting buddy." What can you do. I am still trying to get him to branch out with his foods. I think he should get the award for "Pickiest Kid Ever." But, I was able to get him to eat an actual real chicken breast. I of course cubed it and covered it in shake 'n' bake and baked it. But he ate it....and some mashed taters and corn. Yay Lowden. Baby steps.

Anyway. Work has been busy this week, as my boss is on vacation in California. Monday was BAD! But the rest of the week hasn't been too bad. I am so ready for Friday, thank goodness it is tomorrow. No real plans for the weekend, but I know Jesse will be hunting, so who knows what we will do.



Paintballin Hellcat said...

Thats one thing I dont miss all that much about living up North. We will probably have SOME ice but not too much. Stay safe though, huh?

Anna said...

Always staying as safe as possible. I just hate driving in all the bad weather. But, what can you do. Mother nature has been throwing it at us earlier and earlier, they are already throwing around the "s" word on the local weather forecasts, and it is only October. Lovely Iowa weather!