Sunday, November 16, 2008

When will it stop?

Iris threw up all of her 4.5 oz bottle this morning. It actually had the calorie count of a 6.5 oz bottle, but regardless, her stomach emptied, I am pretty sure, all of it. And, she just emptied close to 1/2 of her 11 a.m. bottle on me, which is sad since it is 20 minutes until she is due for her next bottle or 2.5 hours AFTER she ate. Her tummy doesn't seem to be emptying correctly to me.

I have to admit. I think I get more and more depressed with each and every vomiting episode with her. It pains me to think of how her esophagus, throat and nose feel, how they burn. I feel like crying now just at the thought of how many more times she will throw up today. I know that this seems like a small trivial thing in a lot of your eyes, but I see this every day in and out. I just feel bad for her. And I know that her health problems pale in comparison to those of others, but this is the reality I deal with. I don't mean to come off whiny, but I am just waiting and waiting for things to get easier for her, and they don't.

So, I have asked our occupational therapist to make some calls and see if we can get another pediatric gastroenterologist to look at Iris' file for a second opinion. I am waiting, but not all that patiently. It is driving me crazy. I just wonder if there is anything that can even be done. None of her reflux meds help, at all. I already took her off of one of them, and the second is to help her stomach empty. Obviously, it is NOT doing it's job.

Sorry to be whiny, I'll end with that.

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