Thursday, November 13, 2008

53...I stand corrected. :)

The light in my eyes are a bit dimmer today. It is my mom's birthday. She's (would be) 53. It is still a hard thing to deal with every year, even if it has been almost 18 years since she has been gone. It's true, time really does fly by. And it keeps flying by faster and faster each year. Maybe that is something that comes with age. But anyway, Happy Birthday Mom, I love you.

Iris was weighed yesterday. She did gain, so I am pleased with that. She was up 5 oz, which puts her at 16 lbs 5 oz! I really hope that she can keep that kind of a steady gain up. I just get so flustered when she loses. She has not been throwing up any less though, which makes me so sad for her. I know that she is used to it, but her throat and nose cannot feel good. I don't know if I have ever said this before, but she really gets p.o.'d when it comes out of her nose. I can only imagine how that must burn. Poor girl. But she is soooo happy. She cracks me up. And she adores Lowden. Nothing will make her smile like he does. I must say, that really pleases me. The feeling is mutual, I know that Lowden will be the protective big brother when they are older.

I have had a cloud hanging over my head lately. Not sure why. I think it is just a combination of things that are bringing me down. And I feel really anxious at times, but then it will dispel like it was never there. I think that part of it is the thought of being all couped up for the winter, I'll get over it.

That is about all to report.

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