Thursday, September 25, 2008

Appointments, Appointments

Happy Birthday Jesse! He doesn't know it yet, but I am getting him some cake. hehe

So, today Iris has her speech therapy appointment. I am printing off a list of things that another mother tries with her child because of his eating issues, also due to open heart surgery. Iris did not throw up at all Monday evening, which was the day of her peg tube changeout. The first feeding, I made a smaller one as I did not want to give her a tummy ache after not eating all day long. She didn't throw up any of that, and she didn't throw up any of her evening feeding. She did throw up yesterday a couple of times, but that is because she needed to go...ahem, #2. She was feeling much better this a.m. though, so I will have to see if she has been throwing up much when I go to get her. Anyway. After her appointment, I have to take her to get an x-ray because her pediatric cardiologist wanted one done before her next appointment...which is tomorrow morning. Oops, totally spaced that off. So, I hope that they can squeeze her in for that.

This month has been so hectic. It just seems like there has been so much going on. I wonder if it will settle down for us in October. I think the appointments will slow down, so that would be nice. I'm really loving this weather too, and I want Lowden to be able to spend a bit of time outside while it is nice, as we all know, it could turn bad anytime. BUT, Lowden is coming down with a cold. He was sick just this last weekend. He had a fever and slept a lot, but that was about it. He has a cough and now he is starting to sound a little nasaly (sp?). The poor kid can't catch a break.

I feel like I am coming off completely random today, but, oh well. Hunting season starts soon. Which means Jesse will be non-existent for a while. I told him that this year, he HAS to get a deer. I mean, we bought the freezer LAST year! I like to tease him. He says it is my fault, I have jinxed him and he can't ever get a good shot. I am tired of paying an arm and a leg for meat though, so he better get to it.

Anyway, I have written a book. Still working on getting pics on here. I promise I will soon!

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